Free French Resources

Tutorials in Dublin is delighted to provide FREE  French resources used with students in the French tutorials.

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FREE French Resources

Junior Certificate French

In the FREE French resources for Junior Cert French, you will learn some of the essential grammar required in preparation for the Junior Cert exam, for example, the basic tenses (present, past and future) required for use in the written production section (letters, postcards, notes/messages) and how to say my, your in French and smaller, bigger, better, etc. as well as the smallest, the biggest, the best, etc. You will also learn some essential vocabulary necessary for all sections of the exam.

The Possessive Adjectivesmy = mon, ma, mes; your (singular informal) = ton, ta, tesDownload
The Comparativesaying something is smaller, bigger, … in FrenchDownload
The Superlativesaying something is the smallest, the biggest, … in FrenchDownload
Prepositionshow to say to, in, at, on, until, with… in FrenchDownload
Tenseshow to say I watch, I am watching, I watched, I have watched, I will watch, I’m going to watch…. in FrenchDownload
Verbsessential French verbs to be used in letters, notes/messages and postcardsDownload
Vocabularybuilding knowledge of French vocabulary, for example, days of the week – lundi, mardi, mercredi…, months of the year – janvier, février, mars, etc. and fruits – pomme, poire, ananas, etc.Download

Leaving Certificate French

In the FREE French resources for Leaving Cert French, you will be able to test your knowledge of common and useful verbs in all of the French tenses, gain insights into the kind of content required for the French oral exam via some French oral templates, learn several French verbs, the knowledge of which is required for all reading and aural comprehensions as well as the written production section and oral exam, and learn some French pronouns and how to form the pluperfect tense (le plus-que-parfait).

Verbs in All Tensesavoir = to have – Present: Je____________ ; Imperfect: Il ____________; Perfect: Tu________________Download
French OralTopic Ma Famille – Nous sommes _____________ dans ma famille: mon père, ma mère, _____________ et moi….Download
French Verbsaccueillir, admettre, améliorer, augmenter, annuler, etc.Download
Pronounssubject pronouns – Je, Tu, Il, Elle, On, Nous, Vous, Ils, Elles; direct object pronouns – me (m’), te (t’), le (l’), la (l’), nous, vous, les ….Download
Pluperfect tensehad done something: J’avais regardé = I had watched; Il était allé = He had gone, etc.Download

Workplace French

In the FREE French resources for workplace French, you will be able to test your knowledge of basic greetings, introduce yourself and ask someone their name both formally and informally. You will also be able to test your knowledge of paying and receiving compliments, accepting and refusing to do something.

Basic Greetingsbonjour, bonsoir = hello; comment vas-tu? = how are you?Download
Introducing oneselfJe m’appelle…., Je suis…. = My name is…., I am…Download
Asking someone their nameQuel est votre nom? = What is your name?; Tu t’appelles comment? = What is your name?Download
Paying a complimentJ’aime votre robe. = I like your dress; Tu as bonne mine = You look well.Download
Refusing to do somethingJe suis désolé(e), mais ce n’est pas possible. = I am sorry, but it’s not possible.Download

For full access to the above resources and more, you can order the book Lisez, Traduisez, Réussissez! 2nd Edition.